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tv   ABC2 News The Latest at 11  ABC  November 2, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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technical difficulties, please stand by. >> she take as bus to work every day. >> i think i better be on guard. i work in the evening when i come through and i have my guard up, she live as block from the stop on hartford avenue where a man threaten herd with a weapon on friday and then raped her. there was another rape the next
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morning and they are responding. >> given the incident, we have established a specialized deployment our violent crime impact division. they will work the eastern division until we find out who it is. >> they're monitoring the bus stops with the police setting checkpoints in the area and checking on the status of the men on the registry who live nearby. >> we want people to be mindful of their surroundings. >> be careful late in the evening. >> reporter: this woman gets on where the second attack happens. >> i try to stick to myself not to speak to nobody. try to go in the day time. >> reporter: and women say they're prepared. >> that's what m. a ce is for. [ laughter ] >> reporter: do you carry it? >> you better. >> reporter: her friend said she would go further to fight off an attacker.
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>> i have a knife. i got my knife wherever i go. >> you better. >> and a long pin. anything sharp. >> reporter: again, three other rapes over the weekend and in addition the two that happened at bus stops, they don't think they are related to the two. the victims have not given descriptions of the attackers. they were taken to the hospitals wither they are being treated for non-life threatening injuries. in baltimore. >> and students at the university of maryland college park are on edge after a student was raped in her own bed on sunday morning. police say it happened at the home of the victim. >> the victim was asleep. she was awakened by the suspect he was in the bed with her sexually assaulting her. she screamed. he fled from the residence. >> there were no signs of forced entry and the suspect may have entered through a
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window or door. police are offering a 2 $5000s reward for any information leading to an arrest. now a story involving the state's first silver alert. it is like an amber alert. this is for missing seniors. it was law on october 1st and didn't take long to be used. maryland police have issued the silver alert for a howard county man named arthur malky. he is about 5'7", 160-pounds, gray hair and blue eyes. he was seen on i-70 west of frederick. he was driving a red 2000 chevy pickup with plate number 46 l 477. anyone who may have spotted the pickup is urged to call 911. and the latest now on a story we have as breaking news, the deal to sell towson based black and decker.
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a spokesperson for the company says 250 executives and corporate employees could lose their jobs. they have agreed to a $4.5 billion purchase by a rival tool maker known as stanley. officials say the combined company's headquarters will remain where stanley is based. it will be headquartered in towson. and the headquarters appear to be staying for the time being but the future could lose a fortune 500 company. here are the businesses currently on that list. constellation energy. black and decker. rounds out the top 500 legg mason. and 125, it is agreed to regulator's conditions and move ahead a $4.5 billion deal to french power company eds. it include as 110 point credit
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for all bge customers. on the h1n1 front, production of the vaccine is picking up there is good news for pregnant women but there is bad. we cover it all. >> the 53-year-old was a nurse in a new born unit. she died at that hospital on friday from possibly complications from the h1n1 flu. >> i believe she went to get a vaccination but they ran out before she could get hers. >> as companies rush to produce more vaccine, officials have discovered that a singlele dose of the vaccine works well for most pregnant women. >> the data show that nearly all the pregnant women who received a single 15 microgram dose had a robust response that is likely predicktive of protection. >> reporter: the cdc
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recommends a single dose officials believe that younger children need two doses. health advisors monitored the taste of the vaccine looking for side-effects. >> the majority of the reports have been minor side-effects. >> reporter: but according to a washington post poll, 40% of parents say they will not vaccinate their children. 30% believe it is not safe. >> i think if there was a common side-effect we would know about it. >> according to the cdc, 100 prototype women have been hospitalised in icu in the u.s. and 28 have died. remember we have everything that you need to know to stay on top of the swine flu and vaccine. you will find a wealth of information. a pregnancy clip thank do not perform abortions could be
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required to put up signs saying so. a bill affecting four clinics was approved and moves to the council. it is unnecessary and unfairly targets them. temperatures across the region from the storm center as you can see in darlington 44 degrees, 46 and the anne arundel community college. out at howard community college. the cooler temperatures will be with us. and the complete forecast coming up in a couple of minutes. this morning not the scene that neighbors wake up to. a body discovered this morning in the driveway of a home in the 3500 block of tulsa road. police have identified him as grayson kenny, jr. a neighbor made the gruesome discovery
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investigators don't have much to go on. >> right now they're asking the public for any help if anyone saw her share information about this they would like to hear. there is no motive and suspects. >> if you have information it may help police in the investigation you are asked to call crime stoppers at 866-7- lock-up. a gunman arrested for a murder in a million dollar home is free on bond tonight. terry owens is live from howard county police headquarters. >> police are convinced they have the right suspect in the case. a shooting that killed aaron bryce and wounded another man. but they say this they don't think that either victim was actually targeted. that stayed there is much more to be done in the
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investigation. no comment where the shooting happened but neighbors in the community had plenty to say. >> we tried to as a community come together and make sure that we know what is going on. >> this a part of columbia that doesn't see much in the way of crime. it is shocking. >> this is where the suspects were arrested the 8000 block in elk ridge. the suspected gunman were roommates. they confiscated a weapon and three pounds of marijuana, we need information to help us bring this to a successful conclusion which means prosecution of the gentlemen. >> they opened fire outside of
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the home. they recovered 20 shell casings. bry. yce was killed ad another is recovering at shock trauma. the home may have been rented out for a party. >> well, i think the message is you have to be aware of what is going on in your neighborhood first and foremost. people renting out their houses for big parties with 100 people or more, that's something that you have to be worried about. >> reporter: the police say there were rift bands recovered suggesting it may have been a paying party. but that's a lesser part of the investigation at this point they want to make sure they wrap up the homicide before they get into the other areas of the case. that's the latest from howard county. live, terry owens. >> a gas that's been linked to cancer which could be in your home. how to protect your family from radon. a lasting tribute to a
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baltimore icon. and a low tide before noon. high tide in the the afternoon. and going from south to 1814 miles an hour. picking up as the day goes along. on issues important to seniors, senators mikulski and cardin have been leaders, fighting to make health care more affordable and to make sure seniors have access to the medicines their doctor prescribes. now maryland senators can improve medicare and help close the donut hole
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guaranteed tender 100% of the time. at safeway, we now promise something new. something big. a commitment... to thousands of new everyday low prices. so you can get what you want. when you want it. at the price you need. today... and tomorrow. that's our promise. that's ingredients for life. safeway. the latest on that carbon monoxide poisoning over the weekend. a generator is the source of the leak. area on saturday morning, the fire department was called to a home on queen ann road. they found a woman and two children. the 38-year-old woman, 15-year- old girl and 3-year-old boy were all taken to the hospital with serious but non-life threatening injuries.
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another deadly gas could be lurking beneath your home. this gas is even linked to cancer. and thousands of debts are caused about i radon gas. but as we see, there are things we can do to protect our families. ♪[music] ♪ >> reporter: it is an unwelcomed guest in your home, radon, it sneaks inside through cracks and crevasses -- crevasses and can make you sick and kill you. and dr. harsher specializes in environmental medicine. 21,000 people died from cans. cancer because of exposure. >> it is formed when uranium and soil and rock breaks down. you cannot see it. >> it is a real concern, look at the map. >> the red area is considered zone 1 and howard county. those are all predicted to have a level higher than 4. and zone 2 in arrange are areas with a
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average between 2 and 4. but in september the the world health organisation released limits telling homeowners to take action 259.7 not 4. even the counties in orange should be testing for radar. >> it's not something that you think about. >> it did not think about it at all until we went to sell the home. the level in the house was 10 peco curries per liter. >> the level was not acceptable. >> that's why the home inspection is important when you are buying and selling a home. what if you are not leaving the house, kits are available from hardware stores they cost $10s. you place on the lowest lived in area. and after a few weeks send it for analysis, we're looking for openings. >> if you get a high result hire an expert. and this installer has systems
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to get rid of radon. it costs $800. >> and we vacuum. >> the vacuum sucks out the radon filled air and sends it up a pipe and through the home. a fan blows it above roof level. >> we're depressurising and catching the gases about of it gets into the home. >> getting the cancer-causing gas out so you can rest easy. >> and for houses with border line levels, ceiling cracks and tiles using a fan and basement wind dough can reduce the levels. to find a link to the e.p.a. go to and the bbb can help. >> cold and flu season. going to the drugstore could make you feel worse. what you need to know tomorrow
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at 11. u now the forecast certified most accurate. and starting to feel and look like fall outside. >> yes. >> crispy out there. and looking pretty. we could have freezes bringing the growing season. take a look now and the harbor camera. the sky line. our temperature now at bwi. 44 degrees. 96% humidity. and pressure steady there it is. cecil county. and new jersey and pennsylvania. until tuesday. today we had a low of 44
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degrees. and 45 oakland 43 degrees. ocean city the board walk 52 degrees. if you lived in baltimore toward the east the you had cloudss. that is moving along the seaboard. clouds are moving out. and down in the ocean city area. high pressure now a weak system will move through. it wilt not bring precipitation but cooler temperatures. now tomorrow it will be warmer than it was today but the cooler air comes in and into the
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weekend. nothing showing up. 47 and 4. on the eastern shore a shade many whatter. 46 now in the chestertown area. overnight mostly clear skies. a few remain during the day lots of sunshine. and clouds on wednesday he would see another big shot of sunshine moving in. and that's going to give us a chance for cooler temperatures. tuesday and 61 degrees. the 7-day forecast. 64 and 51 on friday. looking like dynamite days. a warming trend and monday partly cloudy. we'll see you tomorrow night. >> looking forward to the weekend, aren't you. tomorrow is election day in some parts of the country.
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it has ban year since democrats swept into office on the coat tails of barack obama. but now republicans see this as a come back in local races that could make waves. if the republicans win in upstate new york and some see it as a rejection of the president's first months in power. closer to home two election day racing, they are voting for mayor in annapolis. visions are are not beloved in cities but in baltimore, there is a man who seem sod perfectly suited to the calling of public office. and who transformed the city he served. william donald sch. a e. if er before becoming the mayor. he was the governor before ending his career as the state's comptroller. today on his 88th birthday he was honored for his 50-plus years of service.
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he could not help but taking the podium to thank the people who gathered to see the dedication of a statue. the guests included political figures, family and friends but voters the same voters who helped him say. stay in the lime night for 50 years. a special visitors this afternoon. and the spurt all lard of the word's orthodox christians, mas his 18th year in the role. and john hop kins is harvard. well to borrow a phrase it's only a movie. that's coming up. most daches. what doctors recommend for arthritis pain... in your hands... knees... and back. for little bodies with fevers... and big bodies on high blood pressure medicine.
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when we switched the tv from cable to fios? tv looks like new. much better. awesome. i wrote 'dark magic'... actually, it's the 100% fiber optics that makes the tv look new. i was curious why we're listening to customers? call the verizon center oh. boy. for customers with disabilities seems dumb... at 800-974-6006 tty/v (announcer) unlike cable, fios uses 100% fiber optics for the best picture quality, period. and you can get $150 back when you order today. say that hollywood was going to make a movie about
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social networking. a college campus would be ideal but who would think it is johns hopkins. it will be the role of harvard university in the film the social network. it is about a kid who comes up with facebook. it will run into tomorrow. the movie is good for the local economy. >> an average movie spends $200,000 a day making a film and a lot of that goes to jobs for crew, actors, and then we have vendors that benefit, aren'tals, remains -- many reduces. businesses. >> and jessie icen berg is in town. new at 11, frustrated by the short supply of h1n1
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vaccine. you may be surprised where some has ended up. >> the military says that terror suspects will soon get the swine flu vaccine. they say it may be controversial but they say they're responsible for the health of the detainees. looking for ways to save on travel. retaining frequent lier miles way be an option but with the industry taking on tee. fees. even loyal fliers have fewer rides. >> if you are sending 250- dollars tonight use your miles. >> before you crash in do your homework on fees and compare to cost to that of a ticket. make the most of the e-mails. lance armstrong has raised over a million to raise money for his.
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they are everyone iting the bikes into works of art. they were auctioned off. a final look at the forecast next. tomorrow the president encouraged people to volunteer more. (announcer) nothing matches that dentist level of clean.
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she expects, with practice, her flair for fall will be flawless. and thanks to target's great prices, she'll get everything she needs to make her first thanksgiving memorable for all. target. expect more. pay less. sunshine tomorrow. no sunshine on wednesday. >> if only. thursday and friday looking
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good. the weekend looking nice as we warm up. nice weather on tap. no precipitation. a good week to pick up the leaves. >> picking up the leaves a nice dry week -- week out there. >> and we have chores to do. >> come to my place and pick up leaves. i have plenty. >> that's it for us tonight. remember that you can follow the stories we're covering. we'll see you tomorrow.
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